Issue 1
Volume 1
Last Updated; 10/25/07
Current Azerothian Events: Hallow's End...Quickies: The Headless Horseman is relentless...Attack in Stormwind...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Headless Horseman continues to terrorize Goldshire

Just hours ago the all too familar roar of the Headless Horseman was once again heard in the small town of Goldshire outside of Stormwind. Many buildings were nearly burned to the ground in the Horseman's crazed attempt to seemingly take revenge on the living. Fortunantly, many members of the Alliance were there to help put the flames out.

"I don't know why, but he just won't leave us alone. He comes almost every four hours and we are in constant need of putting out fires. It's frightening the chickens! The inn certaintly is doing well, but for reasons I don't understand," said Farley, innkeeper of the Lions Pride Inn. And what he said is true. There are many Alliance out and about in Goldshire almost all hours of the day and night, helping to put out the fires.

"Usually I come here to rest and relax, but now that the Headless Horseman has appeared, I come here to help. I don't want my favorite town getting burned to the ground! It's a lot of work to put out those huge fires he causes, but with help, we keep doing it everytime the Horseman shows up. I'll do as much as I can to keep this town safe," said Ann Daeliah, a frequent visitor of Goldshire. Many of the visitors in the small town said almost the same thing. They come to help out with the fires, and since they need a place to stay the Inn is constantly booked.

The Horseman is still roaming and will soon stop by Goldshire again. They have sent out a request for all available Alliance to come and lend a hand with the fires.
The Azeroth Times

Attack in Stormwind, 3 left injured

A few days ago residents of Stormwind's Canal District reported strange crashing sounds coming from the Mage Quarter. Upon further inspection, it was found that the noises had come from popular dining area, The Blue Recluse. There were traces of magic dust among the rubble of overthrown tables, chairs, and bottles of beer.

The three workers that were in the cafe at the time got out scatched but otherwise very much alive. "I was just working the back when all of a sudden I heard this loud noise in the front. I walked out there and I saw a big pink cloud of gas. It seemed to be distracted by something so I ran out of the cafe," said Walter Rey, one of the survivors. This 'pink cloud of gas' is the only evidence for a current suspect.

"For now all we can do is make guesses until the site in further inspected and details are noted. Personally, I think it was either a rogue wizard out to make some trouble or a dejected apprentice out to get revenge. It could be either of these or something entirely unrelated. I just don't think this cloud of gas was operating on it's own though," said General Marcus Jonathon, High Commander of Stormwind Defense.

The three victims were quickly taken into medical care and are currently doing well. There are no further details on the attack as of the time being.
The Azeroth Times

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hallow's End fun

Apple Bobbing and trick o' treating are just some of the many fun things to do in Azeroth during the much awaited Hallow's End. Sightings of celebration can be found almost anywhere in Azeroth, from the big cities such as Stormwind and Ogrimmar to the little towns such as Goldshire. Big crowds can be found wherever an exciting event is happening, so if you decide to join in the fun, look for a big crowd and go enjoy yourself. Of course, at this time of year you must be expecting some sort of nonsense or something bad. There's always the tricks the Forsaken like the play, but there's something much worse; you don't have to go far to hear about the dreaded Headless Horseman.

Hallow's End is a holiday celebrating the Forsaken's break from the Scourge many years ago. Their definition of fun seems to be throwing stink bombs at the Alliance in Southshore. Don't let the stink get to you. Fight back with the smell of pine!

If you are looking to get some candy, you simply have to talk to any innkeeper and say 'Trick or Treat!' and you will recieve either a treat bag, or you will be tricked. This candy isn't exactly normal, and it has some odd effects, including: Growing large and your skin turning orange, being turned into a ghost, and other creepy things. If an innkeeper happens to decide and trick you, you may be turned into a critter such as a snake or a helpless cat. Or, you might even lose your head and in replacement have a pumpkin head! How headless horseman like...

Candy isn't the only thing you'll find in a treat bag. There might be a mask representing a different race and gender. You might open your bag and find a female troll mask. Simply place them on your head and you're sure to one! These masks aren't very realistic, but they are a fun item to run around with. Be sure to use them early though, because within 7 days they'll go poof and vanish. Darn those poorly made masks...

If candy isn't the thing for you, that's no problem. Simply head into your nearest inn and you can find a tub of water and apples. These apples are not only yummy and fun to get, but they can give you some buffs as well.

Every 4 hours a couple of small towns get a sighting of the dreaded Headless Horseman. This is only a shade of him, and therefore harmless to you. But, he intends to do some damage to the towns buildings by throwing fires everywhere! Don't despair, you can help out by speaking to the Costumed Orphan Matron in the town and she'll assign you to put out the fires. Of course, you can't put out deadly fires without some practice first! Before the shade comes, be sure to speak to the matron, and she'll tell you to practice your fire fighting skills with a bucket of water and some practice fires on the outskirts of the town. If you need another bucket of water, simply go to the tub of water and fill up your bucket.
The shade isn't the only part of the horseman left. He still exists, though he resides in the graveyard of Scarlet Monastry...

By Isthla
The Azeroth Times

The Headless Horseman rides again

The appearance of the Headless Horseman's shade in Goldshire defiantly suggests something is going on somewhere. Just ask around and you'll find out that his real self is located in the Graveyard of Scarlet Monastry.

The Horseman believes that he himself is alive and that we are all dead. He was once part of the Knights of the Silver Hand but lost his life. Instead of a head he has a helm burning with green flames. He rides a burning horse similar to those that the dead Knights of Karabor ride. The Horseman is obviously crazed and will do anything to destroy the living. You can defeat him though.

Sometimes the Horseman will lose his head, which will call it's body a fool and return to it. Once he has had enough of a bashing he will summon up pumpkin soldiers who will add to the chaos as you fight to defeat the Horseman. Eventually with coordination and work the Horseman will fall, and you will have defeated a horrible menance.
By Isthla
The Azeroth Times

Forsaken Fun

Though not as popular as it was in the years before the appearance of the Headless Horseman, throwing stink bombs at Southshore is still an enjoyement of the Forsaken. The Alliance of Southshore defiantly don't like to be the target of all the throwing and therefore are looking to recruit the aid of you and your fellow Alliance members to help stop the bombs before they're thrown. If you don't manage to do this, atleast you'll be able to clean them up, with the lovely scent of pine!

Cleaning up and preventing is not enough though, so if you want to, you can crash the party outside of Undercity. The Forsaken hold the Wickerman Festival every Hallow's End to celebrate their break from the Scourge. They have very strong guards protecting them from harm of Alliance, but if you are brave, or maybe crazy, enough to attempt entry, you can surprise the undead and have fun crashing the party.
By Isthla
The Azeroth Times